Charity Travel Packages in Nepal

61_everstThis charity travel package is one of the main objectives of group volunteering program. Actually, Charity Tour Package is the process of collecting economy either from national volunteers or from international volunteers. Comparing to national volunteers, international volunteers are more interested and takes part in charity fund raising programs. The more the charity is being raised the more it becomes easy to help the rural people or villagers. This programs the villager people to understand or gives knowledge about their rights helping to conduct income generating programs in near future. RTESS-Nepal offers these charity programs as for example charity program for orphanage, charity program for old and needy people, charity programs for public health, charity programs for education in rural areas.

We provide a proper guidance for the Charity programs and ensure that this charity has been used in the proper destination or field. With the charity tour package people can experience the “Unity in diversity” of Nepal. As Nepal is a country with lots of different cultures, values, traditions and norms, people can explore and experience them with the Charity Tour Package. Likewise, in the process of cultural


Trekking in Indian Himalayas – A Lifetime Experience

Trekking in Indian Himalayas is a lifetime experience. If you want to make full use of this chance then consult this amazing tour and travel firm immediately.
A ride full of fun, exploration and adventure is trekking in the gigantic Himalayas of India. Chilled air coming out from the snowy sheet of Himalaya and blowing all around add a tinge of extra excitement to the trip. The beautiful scenic beauty with fragrance of thrill at every point of place is something just so perfect. All those who want to breathe hard out of breathtaking rides while passing through the narrow and curved roads among mountains while listening to the voice of water tapping on pebbles while flowing down the stream, trekking is the best thing for sure.
Trekking in Indian Himalaya

Trekking in Indian Himalaya

If you want to taste the genuine zeal of trekking then plan a trip to the mesmeric parts of Sikkim-Darjeeling, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Zanskar, Gharwal or Kumaon. These are the places with high dose of adventure nurturing in their fascinating landscapes. Indian Himalayan journey has a lot to offer to the real trek enthusiasts. If you have enough courage to

Must Visit Tourist Spot in Kullu Manali

rohtang-passThe sunny and burning days have gone and the most pleasing time has come to get some enjoyment in the boring as well as dull life. This winter season the mountains once again covered with glittering snow that offers the scenic view to an individual. It’s a great time to take pleasure from adventuring and snowy activities with your family, friends and relatives. People wait for this moment with great zeal throughout the year to spend their winter vacations amidst the natural beauty. Do you want to see the real snowfall from your eyes with the close look and get the most exciting experience by visiting at the alluring hill station?

There are pools of hill station in India where holidaymaker can visit but not all of them provide full satisfaction and delight. Thus it seems confusing for the vacationer to choose the best location for their tour to make the holidays memorable and remarkable. Kullu Manali is the ideal hill station that has n numbers of attractions and never ending charm that provide a perfect escape from the monotonous schedule. A person who visit here once never want to go back


Winter in Glencoe Photography Tour

For those who are interested in seeing the unique and wonderful scenery of Glencoe, there are few better ways to do so than with Light & Land. This photography tour will help you pick the most scenic and stunning views of the region. Glencoe is perhaps Scotland’s most famous historic and scenic glen and it was recently voted as Scotland’s most romantic glen. It is not only a holiday centre for hillwalking and mountaineering, it is also an ideal base from which to explore the Highlands of Scotland perfect for photographers.

With the help of an expert tutors David Ward & Phil Malpas who will show you how to get the best images, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole host of locations the likes of which you may never have seen before in Scotland!

This touris the perfect holiday for those who enjoy a bit of comfort and freedom out in the open, as well as the chance to take in the stunning views that Scotland produces in early January. The tour itself is led by professional experts who will transport you from each area quickly, allowing you to take in as many hotspots as possible.

Whether you are

Get Awed With Australia

When you think of a trip to Australia, lot of things come to mind. Australia is a beautiful country with a lot of spectacular places to visit. If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation then no doubt Australia is one of the best places to visit. Before going on a trip, it is always wise to have a decent idea about the various and places of interest so as to make sure maximum if not all the tourist locations are covered.
Here are some of the famous places in Australia that you can see and explore which will convince you to choose Australia as your next vacation destination.
1. Sydney Harbour, New South Wales
Sydney is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations of Australia attracting millions of visitors every year. The Sydney’s Opera House is one of the most exciting and famous places to visit with many innovative buildings of the modern era. The Opera House in Sydney is a must see for everyone and not only for opera lovers. Sydney is the city of both culture and fun. Tourists can endlessly enjoy the beautiful sunshine on the pristine sands along the beaches.
2. Melbourne

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bhutan Adventure

Bhutan is a small country with a culture and tradition that has remained isolated from the modern world for a long time. The doors to this hitherto unknown culture have been opened up to the world only recently.

Very little is known about the people, their traditions and their culture outside their country. Some interesting things that you should know while embarking on a Bhutan adventure are as follows.

Happiest Country

In spite of the rate of illiteracy and poverty, the people in Bhutan are the happiest people amongallthe Asian countriesand hold the eighth rank worldwide. Everyday life steeped in Buddhism has enabled the people to remain happy ensconced in their distinct culture and tradition.

Democratization of Country

In 1999, “King Jigme SingyeWanchuk” felt that democracy is a better option than monarchy for the progress of the country and formed a constitution with the help of the people in 2005. After the constitution had come into effect, the King resigned from his position of being the monarch of the country in 2008.

King’s Legacy

The idea of Gross National Happiness was mooted by “King Jigme SingyeWanchuk” himself as an additional measure of national growth and progress that is defined by GNH. It is more “happy” than its

Best Studies Destinations for Engineers

1. Germany:

Beginning the rundown with Germany is an unquestionable requirement as no other country on the planet through human current history could contend with the German virtuoso and we have Albert Einstein to demonstrate it. The Germans can be credited to spearheading about each current innovation.

While Einstein stunned the world with E=mc2 Equation, Oppenheimer changed Modern fighting perpetually with the production of the Atom Bomb. We have any semblance of Karl Marx driving the Social change while we have building supernatural occurrence specialists like Zeppelin, Otto and other driving present day designing.

Indeed, even Today Germany drives the World with the most elevated number of designing offices on the planet. German creativity is the thing that impels the Deutschland as the most favored Study Abroad Destination by Engineers.

2. America:

The place where there are the trusts and dreams is absolutely blasting with open door for building understudies. America is without a doubt the blend of virtuoso and thoughts. Americans truly mean business with regards to demonstrating wonders of human virtuoso.

American instruction is recognized from its European partners as a result of two noteworthy contrasts in their methodology. Firstly is the solid training framework set up and besides connection in the middle of

Spring Break Trip to Disneyland And Benefits of Planning a Trip Ahead

Every year spring break is awaited eagerly by school and college going students to revitalize themselves before the academic session draws to an end. This generally coincides with the month of March or April when the weather generally becomes more pleasant than the winter months. It is the perfect time to pack up your bags for a short but enjoyable vacation. Spring break trips need to be planned as it is short and one has to make advanced bookings for tickets, rentals, lodging facilities and other recreational facilities. Consequently planning for spring break must be done in advance to make the most of this short vacation.

Spring Break Trips is all about planning and then having the best of your vacation tours. If kids are involved in the travel plan the destination is considered keeping them in view. The place where you plan to visit must have suitable recreation facilities for kids and anything that is exciting for them. Walt Disney World is one of the favorite choices of young kids. Making it a part of your spring break trip proves to be a blessing for kids as they find all that they could have imagined for a vacation. It is